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Welcome to Ideal Stairlifts, a website designed to be informative regarding stairlift options.Boasting great expertise gained through intensive research our company maintains an up to date knowledge of the technology required to produce the perfect chair stair lift. We have technicians and engineers based all over the UK who are ready and willing to assess your needs and provide a quote.

Here at Ideal Stairlifts we are able to offer you a high standard of service when it comes to considering a stairlift in the UK. Discover quality and gain assurance from us whilst gathering all of the necessary information required throughout the decision making process. Because of our knowledge and expertise within the industry, we are able to offer customers numerous benefits at an affordable price and are confident you will be nothing other than thrilled with your purchase. From stairlift installation to the safe removal, we have a solution for everyone.
Here are just some of the advantages when buying a stairlift from us:
  • All of our UK stairlifts are custom made to suit your exact requirements.
  • Because of the experience within the Ideal Starilifts UK based team, understanding personal needs and acting upon these is second nature.
  • The range of units available offers various features in accordance with specifications.
  • Our stairlifts offer the most cost effective solution to retaining freedom within your own home.
  • All of our stairlifts are available in a choice of colours to suit your current décor and taste.
Delve further into our site to gain an insight into the different styles available, such as straight stairlifts and  curved stairlifts.
There are times when it becomes necessary for an individual to seek help in their homes via external methods when moving home simply isn’t an option. At Ideal Stairlifts UK we provide a great solution to individuals who need a little help with mobility. Home stairlift installation  re-instates independence of many people across the country each and every day, saving them from the massive upheaval caused when moving house.
Home stairlifts are fantastic for many reasons:
  • They provide a safe way to move up and down the stairs.
  • Independence is retained.
  • Comfort is a guarantee.
  • Style can be matched to that of your home.
  • Bespoke options are available in order to fit your staircase accurately.
  • Reconditioned Stairlifts are an option if you are looking to keep costs low.
Our dedicated team are highly trained in the entire home stairlift process. If this is an option you are considering then we highly recommend you read further and contact us today.
Ideal Stairlifts, part of the ThyssenKrupp Group are a well-established company offering stairlift solutions not only to the UK but worldwide. The obvious level of commitment and expertise makes us the number one company to turn to when it comes to mobility aid within the home. By offering a highly professional service, our dedicated team are always on hand to answer questions and guide customers through the entire stairlift process. Free no obligation quotations are given and prices remain competitive.
Information provided to Ideal Stairlifts is not shared with other companies leaving customers to take advantage of a stress free, professional and smooth service where the end result means easier living.
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